Gone are the days when people file their return through paper. On line income tax return filing is much easy and convenient way to fulfill your return filing obligation. Financial Hospital comes with a unique service to our investors, just fill your personal details and upload your Form 16. Our Tax experts will process it and file your ITR. It's even cost effective too.

  • Easy and Fast:
    The acknowledgment of ITR submission is fast and the refunds are processed faster by the ITD for E-Filed ITRs.
  • More Accurate:
    E-Filing software with all the features of validations and accuracy are seamless and help minimize errors.Paper based filing with self calculations can be wrong and prone to error.
  • With Digital Signature:
    You need not to follow up with ITD or CAs for acknowledgment which comes from ITD. File your return with digital signature and take acknowledgement copy instantly.
  • Anytime Anywhere:
    You just need a dial up connection to file your ITR through us. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so taxpayers may always file at their own convenience.
  • Tax Planning Consultancy:
    Our professional and well equipped teams of Tax experts are always for you to guide consult or solve your any queries regarding tax planning or customization of salary structure.
  • Confidential and Secured:
    E-filing is safer than paper based filing. Your all the information is well stored and secured at our secured server.
  • Eco friendly environment:
    E-Filing is environment friendly. You just need to print no or at most one page instead of multiple copies of multiple pages.

Particulars Standard Standard+ Platinum
Form 16 Manual Data Entry by user Upload Form 16 only Upload Form 16 only
Multiple Form 16 (For Employees who have switched job during the Financial Year) NO YES YES
House Property Income / Interest on Home loan Yes, if included in Form 16 YES YES
Other Income viz. Bank Interest, Dividend. Capital Gain NO YES YES
Verification by Tax Experts NO YES YES
Digital Signature NO NO YES
Tax Planning NO NO YES
Reply to notices and other communication with Income Tax through out the year. NO NO YES
Price for non facebook user Rs.124 Rs.500 Rs.2000
Price For Facebook User(Click here to get facebook offer price) Rs.99 Rs.400 Rs.1800
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